ESSM 2019

February 14 - 16, 2019 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

21st Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine


ECA 2018

October 11- 13, 2018 - Budapest, Hungary

In this section you can find recordings from the symposiums held at the 10th European Congress of Andrology 2018, hosted in Budapest.

World Meeting on Sexual Medicine

World Meeting on Sexual Medicine

February 28 – March 3, 2018 - Lisbon, Portugal

20th Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine
21st World Meeting of the International Society for Sexual Medicine


1st Annual Meeting of the Androgen Society

February 27 - 28, 2018 - Portugal

Leading scientists and physicians from all over the world coming together to present their latest research data and sharing their clinical experiences.


ICA (International Congress of Andrology) 2017

May 6 - 9, 2017 - Copenhagen, Denmark

The theme of the congress is "Lifestyle Factors and Male Reproductive Health". Hosted by the Danish Andrological Society.


ECA 2016

September 21 - 23, 2016 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

From the 9th European Congress of Andrology 2016, hosted in Rotterdam, the following videos contain messages from specialists of urology, diabetology, cardiology and endocrinology.


Annual Meeting of the German Society of Andrology 2016

September 8 - 10, 2016 - Saarbrücken, Germany

From the Annual Meeting of the German Society of Andrology 2016, held in Saarbrücken, Germany, experts were given a platform to discuss obesity, reduced testosterone and hypogonadism.


2nd International Workshop on Klinefelter Syndrome

March 10 - 12, 2016 - Münster, Germany

These lectures review the background of Klinefelter syndrome, with particular discussion around the rates of underdiagnosis. The second lecture discusses the excess morbidity and mortality in the disease, emphasising the importance of timely diagnosis.


Safety of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hypogonadism does not exist in isolation. In this presentation, Dr. Saad highlights that men with hypogonadism often present with multiple comorbidities, especially obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Following this, Dr. Saad addresses widespread – but unfounded - concerns with testosterone therapy; cardiovascular risk and prostate cancer, and presents research showing that testosterone therapy actually benefits these conditions.


Testosterone & CV risk - Friend or Foe

The topic of testosterone and cardiovascular risk/disease is hotly debated. In this presentation Prof. Hackett addresses the issue whether testosterone is a friend or foe for cardiovascular risk by presenting studies on the topic.

New studies - that were published after a few flawed studies that raised unsubstantiated concerns – support decades of research showing that testosterone therapy actually reduces cardiovascular risk.


EAU 2015

March 20 - 24, 2015 - 30th Annual EAU Congress, Madrid

After a basic intro on hypogonadism, this series of lectures presents the latest on the association of testosterone, obesity and diabetes and provocative new research on testosterone, prostate cancer and LUTS. It also addresses the controversial issue of testosterone therapy and “Hormonophobia”.

ECA 2014

ECA 2014

October 15, 2014 - Bayer Symposium at the 8th European Congress on Andrology, Barcelona, Spain

In this lecture Dr. Saad presents effects of long-term testosterone treatment in obese hypogonadal men with and without type 2 diabetes, and Dr. Maggi gives a perspective on testosterone and cardiovascular risk.


EAU 2014

April 11-15, 2014 - 29th Annual EAU Congress, Stockholm

From Europe’s largest annual event, covering topics such as long-term treatment with testosterone undecanoate, Point-Counterpoint - TRT and prostate health, and importance of achieving threshold testosterone levels, as well as a discussion on how to deal with the flawed and misleading studies.

ISMH Men's Health Academy

ISMH Men's Health Academy

This ISMH (International Society of Men's Health) presentation covers the basics of testosterone deficiency and its treatment. The ISMH Men's Health Academy is a great resource for health care professionals working in the field of men’s health.


Long term therapy with Nebido®

Testosterone research

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