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The Aging Males’ Symptoms (AMS) scale

Do you feel like you have passed your peak? While men do not experience an abrupt decline in sex hormones like women do, many men start to experience bothersome symptoms as they get older, or gain body weight (regardless of age).

The Aging Males' Symptoms scale (AMS) is the most commonly used scale worldwide to measure health-related quality of life and symptoms in aging males.5 It is a self-administered questionnaire that will help you: 6

1) Assess symptoms of aging.

2) Evaluate the severity of your symptoms over time.

3) Measure changes in symptoms before and after testosterone therapy.

Don't forget to print out your results and bring to your doctor on your next visit.

  none mild moderate severe extremly
1.Decline in your feeling of general well-being (general state of health, subjective feeling)
2.Joint pain and muscular ache (lower back pain, joint pain, pain in a limb, general back ache)
3.Excessive sweating(unexpected/sudden episodes of sweating, hot flushes independent of strain)
4.Sleep problems (difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in sleeping through, waking up early and feeling tired, poor sleep, sleeplessness)
5.Increased need for sleep, often feeling tired
6.Irritability (feeling aggressive, easily upset about little things, moody)
7.Nervousness (inner tension, restlessness, feeling fidgety)
8.Anxiety (feeling panicky)
9.Physical exhaustion / lacking vitality (general decrease in performance, reduced activity, lacking interest in leisure activities, feeling of getting less done, of achieving less, of having to force oneself to undertake activities)
10. Decrease in muscular strength (feeling of weakness)
11.Depressive mood (feeling down, sad, on the verge of tears, lack of drive, mood swings, feeling nothing is of any use)
12.Feeling that you have passed your peak
13.Feeling burnt out, having hit rock-bottom
14.Decrease in beard growth
15.Decrease in ability/frequency to perform sexually
16.Decrease in the number of morning erections
17.Decrease in sexual desire/libido (lacking pleasure in sex, lacking desire for sexual intercourse)

Don't forget to take this to your doctor on your next visit.

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